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TV cameras catch European Tour pro sneaking out to see Valentine's Day cricket game

February 14, 2019

Brandon Stone didn't let Valentine's Day get in the way of watching his beloved South Africa cricket team. The three-time European Tour winner apparently snuck out to watch the big match/game(?). At least, until he was caught by TV cameras holding up a sign bragging about sneaking out to watch the cricket contest(?). Whoops.

Stone's presence at the cricket contest/competition(?) was noticed by a couple Twitter handles, including the European Tour's.

And Stone had a fun response:

Hey, the dude just got hitched in September so it's his first Valentine's Day as a married man. He'll learn.

By the way, South Africa leads Sri Lanka by 170 runs (whatever that means) in the cricket competition(?) that is schedule from February 13-17. Cricket! What a crazy sport.