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The best uniform reveal of the college football season just dropped … and it stars Aaron Judge

October 06, 2022

No one in America, short of Aaron Judge himself, was happier about the Yankees slugger’s record 62nd home run than college football fans. Not because they had a particular rooting interest. Not because they think Judge is a nice guy or simply recognize once-in-a-lifetime athletic prowess when they see it. They cheered because the dreaded cut-ins were finally, mercifully over. Well, almost …

Five stars. No notes. ShiaLaboeufclapping.gif. That was Tulane’s reveal for their new alternate uniform on Wednesday, which riffed on ESPN’s questionable decision to cutaway from college football games—including a crucial touchdown in Clemson’s thrilling 51-45 victory over Wake Forest—to watch Aaron Judge take four sliders out of the zone. Even Sean McDonough, one of Bristol’s lead college football voices, expressed his frustration with the interruptions live on the air.

With no looming record for a New York Yankee to break (would they have been cutting away for a Twin or a Diamondback? Highly doubtful), Tulane’s little razz here should be the last time Judge interrupts our precious collegiate ball this fall. But as is this case with all things Judge at the moment, who knows what next season will bring ...