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Try not to get emotional watching Cam Newton give a TD ball to this kid for their birthday

November 06, 2018

Giving away footballs following a touchdown isn't exactly a new routine for Cam Newton. He's practically been doing it since he arrived in the league. It's an awesome gesture every time he does it, but some of his souvenirs are more emotional than others, like the time he unknowingly gifted one to a kid who had recently lost his father (promptly grabs tissues).

You can file this giveaway from Sunday's game in Carolina under the "all the feels" category as well. Following Newton's first touchdown pass of the game to tight end Greg Olsen, the quarterback grabbed the ball and found a kid who was celebrating their 13th birthday. A camera angle from what we have to assume is a parent of the child captured a great angle of the encounter:

Does this all seem pretty convenient? Of course, but who are we to go full-Scrooge on this whole thing. Even if it is a setup (that HD camera was pretty nicely placed), it's still an awesome moment. Plus, what if Carolina never scored on that side of the field, or worse, got shut out entirely? Are we to believe that the kid was being shuttled from endzone to endzone awaiting this moment? Not to mention it was Carolina's third touchdown on that side of the field that quarter, so Cam could have done it even earlier if he wanted. We've just convinced ourselves it was very real and not orchestrated, despite it feeling like a Hollywood script.