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Cam Newton prompting a train conductor to blow his horn will make you feel like a kid again

December 22, 2017

For better or worse, Cam Newton always has a childlike quality to him. From his iconic Superman celebration and affinity for, err, dressing up, to some unfortunately immature moments—post-Super Bowl, that bizarre female reporter altercation—Newton is always toeing the line between "fun-loving adult" and "spoiled man-child." Thankfully, however, his latest viral moment falls firmly in the former category, with footage of the Pro Bowl quarterback prompting a passing train choo choo to interrupt Panthers practice with a peal of its horn warming cold hearts and dead souls alike.

As funny and relatable as this video is, the best part has to be Cam's reaction, a mixture of authentic giddiness and un-jaded joy that further establishes Cam, for all his shortcomings, as one of the NFL's most exciting, vital personalties. I mean come on, can you imagine Brady doing this? The guy doesn't even eat real ice cream.