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Trick-shot artist pays tribute to classic Fred Astaire golf clip

August 11, 2022

So I hate to take credit for a piece of art, but that's exactly what I'm going to do. Earlier this week I saw someone tweet out that classic clip of Fred Astaire hitting golf balls while dancing, I ripped it for my own tweet, and it went viral. Well, for little old me. Obviously, I'm not taking credit for that piece of art, but rather, what came as a result.

More than 1,000 RTs later and approaching one million views, this black-and-white piece of gold made its way to people who had never seen it before. (You're welcome.) And what a treat it is. Whether you're familiar with it or not, check it out:

Seriously, what a freaking golf swing by Fred! The guy is absolutely flushing them!

Anyway, among the many, many mentions (Yes, I go through them all because I'm a nice guy/loser), someone tagged "Holein1trickshots," AKA Joshua Kelley, for my money the preeminent trick-shot artist of our time. And lo and behold, Josh created a new video paying tribute to the Hollywood legend:

Nicely done, Josh. But, yeah, when it comes to incorporating dance moves, Fred is still the GOAT.

Actually, our David Owen wrote about Fred's famed golf video a few years back. Turns out, he was an avid golfer, playing out of Bel-Air Country Club and to a 10 handicap.

"Fooling around at Bel-Air one day," Astaire recalled of the sequence that was incorporated into the 1938 movie Carefree with Ginger Rogers. "I did a few impromptu rhythm steps just before hitting one off the tee, and was surprised to find that I could really connect that way."

You sure could, Fred. We're calling BS on that 10 handicap.