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Holy sh-t, Trevor Zegras actually pulled off 'The Michigan' in a National Hockey League game

One month and 21 days ago, Anaheim Ducks rookie Trevor Zegras sent shockwaves not just through the hockey world, but the sports world when he pulled off what will go down as the assist of the year in the NHL. For everyone who needs a refresher, see below:

As you can see, even Zegras himself was in disbelief that it actually worked. So was everyone else, including former players and coaches who now serve as talking head on various sports networks. Zegras' move ignited a fiery debate over whether or not a 20-year-old rookie would be able to get away with such a cocky move 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. 

Not only did he get away with it, he one-upped the move on Thursday night in Montreal, of all places. Many tried to compare Zegras' assist from December to the famous "Michigan" goal by Mike Legg in 1996, but the problem with that is Zegras' was a pass. This time, the comparison is warranted, because Zegras quite literally pulled off "The Michigan" against the Canadiens:

My goodness, if you thought old heads exploded for the Zegras assist from December, wait until they get a hold of this one. Zegras is now flaunting it in their faces. This kid is officially out of control. 

"The Michigan goal," for reference:

Legendary stuff. Now, every time it's mentioned, Zegras' goal will be mentioned alongside it. He's not even allowed to have his first legal beer until March, and he's already pulled off the goal and the assist of the season in the NHL.