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Steve Yzerman not revealing what he likes to do in his down time has led to some hilarious Twitter theories

During both his time on the ice and his time in the front office, Steve Yzerman has always appeared to be quite an imposing figure. Leave it to the NHL on TNT crew, mainly Paul Bissonnette, to get Yzerman to immediately let his guard down during a pregame interview from Wednesday night.

First, some context. In 2019, Chicago Blackhawks third overall pick Kirby Dach sat down for an interview on Bissonnette's podcast, Spittin' Chiclets. During the interview, Bissonnette asked Dach about the pre-draft interview process, and if any teams hit him with some tough questions. At first, Dach claimed there weren't any real grill sessions, but then he remembered one with the Detroit Red Wings. 

"Oh, yeah, Yzerman in Detroit grilled me," said Dach. "I sit down, and I'm like 'nice to meet y'all,' he's a hockey legend so I'm being respectful. Then [Yzerman] sits down and he goes 'so I heard you smoke weed.' I'm like no I really don't and he's like 'OK.'

"So the questions go on and he goes 'so, you sure you don't smoke any pot? I heard some of your teammates telling me you smoke weed.' I'm like no, I don't really smoke weed and he goes 'are you sure?' I'm like, yeah. He's an indtimidating guy, very intense, in your face, and I'm sitting there and I'm starting to sweat. Then after it was over I got out and he was like 'yeah, I know you don't [smoke weed], I was just f---ing with you.'" 

The Chiclets guys immediately theorized that Yzerman smokes pot himself, which was part of the prank. Now, their whole listener base has run with that theory, too, calling him "Stevie Bongerman." The interview from Wednesday night did nothing to quell those rumors. Check out the hilarious clip:

This, of course, could mean any number of things. The replies, however, predictably ran with the ongoing joke:

To be clear, we have absolutely no idea if Steve Yzerman smokes pot, and we're not here to judge either way (it would be a lot cooler if he did). Whatever it is he does in his down time, he believes it's not safe for national television, so it's probably really fun. He can party with us any day.