Let The Kids Play

Pray 4 the old heads: Trevor Zegras did the damn Michigan goal right in their grill again*

The famous "Michigan goal" was named the "Michigan goal" because it was quite literally that - a never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind goal from Michigan Wolverines legend Mike Legg. For about two decades-plus, you had to wonder if it was never to be seen again, too.

Rising Anaheim Ducks star Trevor Zegras changed that last year, when, as a rookie, he pulled the damn "Michigan goal" off in a National Hockey League game. At the time, even he was in disbelief that he actually did it. 

On Wednesday night, Zegras actually did it again, officially making his submission to change the name from "The Michigan Goal" to "The Trevor Zegras" goal. Old heads, look away, this is too much skill for your reading glasses to handle:

What's particularly scary about this one is just how easy he makes it look, almost as if it's second nature. He did that last year, too, but this one seemed to happen all in one terrifyingly skillful motion. He's an electrid factory of the highest order. Fortunately, John Tortorella, now head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers, is no longer on television to ruin all this fun for us. 

As for the asterisk* in the headline, we have some very bad news -- the goal didn't count. And not because the refs are no fun or Zegras did something illegal. The Minnesota Wild challenged the play for offsides and won, so the goal was wiped off the board. Replay review is killing sports, part 1 million.