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Trevor Bauer drags Rob Manfred's body through the streets over new MLB playoff proposal

February 11, 2020
Cincinnati Reds v Miami Marlins

Michael Reaves

Let's get this out of the way right now: The MLB's new playoff proposal, which hit the interweb on Monday afternoon, is a little wacky. Maybe it's not as divisive as robo umps, starting runners on second in extras, or the Civil War, but it's still going to drive wedge between more than a few brothers before it makes its proposed debut in the fall of 2022. The idea, at least as it's being reported, is to expand the playoff field to 7 teams in each league and allow each league's top seed to PICK THEIR OWN OPPONENTS. Yes, really.

If this sounds a little too much like Baseball Bachelor to you, well, you're not alone, with the MLB's reigning outrage king Trevor Bauer taking to Twitter after the news leaked to flatten commissioner Rob Manfred with an acme steam roller. Tell us how you really feel, Trev.

OK, so safe to say Bauer is team old-school. He doesn't need no stinking MLB Postseason Selection Spectacular Presented by Nugenix and will come to your house and kidnap your girlfriend's dog if you even think about tuning in. He also, if you remember correctly, isn't a big fan of sign stealing either. Needless to say, this dude's court-appointed anger management therapist is billing some serious OT this month.

Despite the looming threat of Trevor Bauer putting a hole in our flatscreen with a Mizuno, we are sort of kombuchagirl.gif about this. The last thing our culture needs is more baseball and reality TV-ifying it doesn't exactly seem like best fit for the AARP demo. Your dad does not want to watch Walker Buehler hand the Padres a rose at the end of of some bloated, three-hour CFP selection show knockoff. He's not going to get the reference.

That said the idea of picking the team you want to face based on pitching matchups, lefty-righty duels, ballpark fit, weather, and a variety of other factors is very baseball. It opens the door for a whole new set of drama. Will managers end up on the hot seat for the wrong pick? Will the teams that get selected be offended? Will heads be hunted? Will benches clear? Even if you hate home runs and think instant replay for is for sinners, you have to admit it, this could be pretty fun. Sorry, Trevor. Please take good care of Fido for us.