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Trevor Bauer was NOT happy with his performance on Sunday, so he launched the baseball into outer space/centerfield

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer has developed a bit of a "head case" reputation, both on and off the field. The stunt he pulled on Sunday in Kansas City will do nothing to quell that notion, or silence many of his Twitter haters.

The right-hander lasted just four and a third innings in the final game of a four-game set with the Royals, who the Indians had a chance to sweep at Kauffman Stadium on Sunday afternoon. But Bauer struggled, giving up seven runs on nine hits and getting the early hook from manager Terry Francona. Understandably, Bauer was upset not only with his performance but with the fact he was being taken out so soon, two things he's not used to as one of the better pitchers in the MLB. The 28-year-old did not handle it well, launching the ball over the centerfield wall in a fit of rage that Roger Clemens would be proud of:

Bauer's tantrum is one of the dumber acts you'll ever see on a baseball field, but also one of the most unintentionally hilarious ones too. One of his teammates and the Kansas City runner on second base both thought they were about to get pegged with a baseball, and then there's center fielder Oscar Mercado, who appears to be completely oblivious to everything happening until he realizes a random baseball just flew over his head. Funny stuff, and not all that surprising considering it's Bauer.

The best part, however, came from another camera angle from the outfield, which picked up Francona saying exactly what everyone watching was thinking:

Our thoughts exactly, Terry. To Bauer's credit, it did look like he immediately felt remorseful, as he should have. There's plenty of better ways to take out your anger, just ask Brett Gardner for some tips.