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Tre Boston routinely plays golf with random Twitter followers, is our new favorite NFL player

January 29, 2020

There are plenty of NFL players with a love of golf, many of whom will tee it up on TV at next week's AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. But there aren't as many who routinely tee it up with random Twitter followers. In fact, we only know of one.

Carolina Panthers safety Tre Boston is coming off a season in which he made 68 tackles and three interceptions. But in the offseason, he makes the day/week/year of three fans at a time by hitting the links with them in what he had dubbed "Golf Day With Tre." Very catchy. And very cool.

Apparently this is something the 27-year-old has done throughout his career, resuming the practice last week:

I like how much Tre loves golf and that he's also sensible when it comes to playing conditions:

Football players can only be so tough. And here were the results from the first Golf Day With Tre of 2020:

Looks like a lot of fun. . . (Follows Tre on Twitter) Let me know, Tre!