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Topgolf employee unknowingly tries to hustle former PGA Tour pro, pays the price

November 15, 2021

On one hand, we give the young man in the following video a lot of credit. Coming up with a side hustle you can do while working at your actual job is a pretty darn efficient way to make more income. On the other hand, when you're side hustling is hustling people, you should probably be more careful when picking your marks.

A Topgolf employee found that out the hard way when he challenged a customer to a long-drive contest with a child's club. It just so happens that customer wasn't just any old dad off the street, but a former PGA Tour pro. Whoops.

Here's the video shared by Kyle Thompson, a five-time Korn Ferry Tour winner who retired from pro golf at the end of 2018 to pursue a more steady career in insurance:

Well played, Kyle.

OK, so "Trace" probably should have figured out something was up when Kyle put up $50 to his $5. That's like when Phil Mickelson bets $100 he can do something. Spoiler alert: He can do it!

But of course, we don't blame this young man for not recognizing Kyle. It's not like he's, well, Phil Mickelson.

Anyway, it was an important—and relatively cheap—lesson to learn. So keep hustling, young man. Just make sure your next target isn't, you know, one of the best golfers on the planet.