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Tom Brady takes (playful?) shot at Josh Allen’s handicap, continues to own the Buffalo Bills

February 02, 2024

Tom Brady has an all-time record of 33-3 against the Buffalo Bills. That's a level of dominance rarely, if ever, seen in the NFL. Things have gotten better for the Bills following Brady’s departure, going 7-1 against the Patriots since, but some ghosts haunt you forever. For Buffalo and Bills Mafia, Brady is one such specter.

Just ask poor Josh Allen. Fresh off another stinging playoff defeat to Brady’s Buffalo tormenter heir apparent Patrick Mahomes, Allen met up with his old foe at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this week. The pair have seemingly had a pretty good time together, but Brady couldn’t help flexing some of that old muscle on Thursday, teasing the 27-year-old for getting strokes from a 46-year-old has-been. Check it out.

All in good fun. Kind of. Sort of. If we know one thing, we know Brady—who is playing this week at +8—is the uber competitor. As we’ve also already established, he loves nothing more than twisting the knife in Buffalo’s gut. It’s not entirely fair to compare a retired guy’s handicap to that of a guy whose still at the peak of his playing days, but all’s fair in love and football. Brady knows this better than most.

Despite all of that, this is mostly innocent—just two guys being dudes at one of the most hallowed golf temples on earth. But with so much AFC East history in the mix, however, it’s hard not to read between the lines just a little bit.