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Tom Brady hangs up on weekly WEEI radio show for damn good reason

January 29, 2018
Arizona Cardinals Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium

Boston Globe

America's just about had it with the Patriots. There's no denying the history or the success or the cleft chins, but familiarity breeds contempt and NFL fans are all very familiar with the perpetual, prohibitive favorite Patriots. Given that, we've spent considerable space whining about the Pats and, by proxy, Tom Brady in recent weeks, but when Mr. Patriot himself hung up on the WEEI radio show he has frequented for over a decade on Monday morning, we were surprised to find we were actually 1,000% Team Tommy.

You see, last week after the premiere episode of Tom Vs. Time—a new six-part docu-series on the life of Tom Brady currently airing on Facebook Watch—Kirk & Callahan co-host Alex Reimer openly critiqued the show's fabricated feel. Ordinarily this would be a fair criticism, but in the process Reimer lost his damn mind, calling Brady's five-year-old an "annoying little piss-ant" on live Boston sports radio (where much worse has also been said, to be fair).

On Monday morning, Brady called for his usual check-in, and here's what he had to say:

Now, as any parent will tell you, that's a pretty reasonable reaction from Brady. Some grown man calls your five-year-old a disparaging term in a public forum and, well, let's just say people have been punched in the throat for far less. Then consider the fact that Tom Brady—one of the most visible, popular athletes on earth—has donated his time to this local radio show because its the right thing to do for the city and the fanbase, and then said show goes and does something like this, and it becomes tough to argue too much with his reaction here...even if you are the biggest Eagles-loving Brady-basher east of the Susquehanna.

How all this shakes out—on Super Bowl week, no less—remains to be seen, but in the meantime WEEI has suspended Alex Reimer for his comments.