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The Match IV

Even cameramen are disrespecting Tom Brady's greatness now

Tom Brady has made a legendary career out of being disrespected. By fans, college coaches, opponents, pundits, etc. He sees and hears it all, using it as fuel to the seemingly never-ending fire in his stomach to be the GOAT. No matter how much more he accomplishes, though, people will still find ways to knock him.

Enter this camerman in The Match IV, which Brady is competing in alongside Phil Mickelson at The Reserve at Moonlight Basin in Montana. At the par-4 third, which was reachable even at 392 yards due to the elevation, Brady ripped a driver that was headed directly at the flag. The cameraman seemed to think it was well short of the green, however. Meanwhile, it landed about 10 feet from the pin, not that anyone saw it:

To be fair to this cameraman, Brady had been shaky off the tee early, not to mention the fact he couldn't have been standing in a worse spot to film and to to pick up the ball, which is FLYING. But man, just another notch in Brady's me vs. the world belt. Let's watch the actual shot:

That was a laser beam, one made all the more impressive considering Brady had hit two balls off the planet on the first and second holes. Luckily, it's modified alternate shot, so they were only 1 down to Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers despite his rough start. 

Believe it or not, even with DeChambeau just as close, Brady and Phil won that hole with a birdie. Rodgers' eagle putt missed on the low side, and then DeChambeau missed the comebacker. A well-deserved theft of a hole because of that 10 out of 10 drive from Brady.