(Not-so) Random Daggers

Tom Brady absolutely body-bags Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers ahead of golf match (UPDATE: Bryson, Brooks and Phil have entered the chat!)

May 26, 2021

It's the gift that keeps on giving. And no, we're not talking about "The Match."

Sure, the series of matches that began with Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson and has continued to feature Lefty has been quite entertaining. But we're referring to that rogue viral video that surfaced Monday night of Brooks Koepka eye-rolling Bryson DeChambeau off the planet. Seriously, we're not even 48 hours from first seeing that. How can you expect us to focus on anything else yet?!

In the meantime, news of The Match Part IV broke Wednesday morning and Phil teaming with Tom Brady again to take on Bryson and Aaron Rodgers is cool and all, but the best part is it kept the Bryson-Brooks feud in the news cycle. Sadly, the infamous video has been taken down (Surviving nearly 24 hours was a great run, though!), but memes never die—they just multiply. And now Brady has gotten in on the fun.

Shortly after the teams for the July 6 match were announced, Tom took to Twitter to deliver some delicious daggers at his opponents using the Brooks-Bryson template. Here was his dig at Bryson:

Wow, talk about piling on. RIP Bryson.

But he body-bagged his fellow quarterback as well by referring to the Packers' curious stupid decision to not go for it on fourth and goal during their NFC Championship loss to Brady's Bucs in January:

Boom. Roasted. He also tweeted this jab at Rodgers, who has been even taking crap about the field goal decision on Jeopardy:

Damn, Tom. That's harsh. It should be noted that Brady and Mickelson lost when they were paired last year, but their opponents were Tiger and Peyton Manning. With fresh meat comes an opportunity to really give the needle as Tiger likes to say.

Also, you have to wonder if Brady is actually as prolific at meme-making as he is at winning Super Bowls or if he has a capable intern to do his social media dirty work. Either way, it's glorious—and we're declaring he and Phil are already 2-up on their opponents before a single shot has been hit.

UPDATE: Phil Mickelson and Brooks Koepka have entered the chat! First, Brooks continued to pile on Bryson by tweeting this:

Wow. Then Mickelson had a classic reaction to the whole feud in which he manages to dagger Brooks (and Bryson) back:

And finally(?), it was Bryson's turn to get in on the fun and at least try to defend himself:

Good lord, it's almost too much. Almost. Just kidding. Keep it coming, guys.