Golf Isn't For Everybody

Toddler getting first lesson sets new world record for fastest golf tantrum



In many ways, golf is a dumb sport. We all know this and yet we still play.

Each week we try to improve. We read tips and test out new swings. Then we head out to the course to implement whatever we’ve learned, but often it just leads to, regret, unhappiness and, of course, fury.

It’s too late for any of us to escape this Sisyphean curse but not for this toddler, who judging by his first few swings might not have the cool, calm demeanor this game requires.

What we’ve got here is a father trying to teach his son how to hit a golf ball. It goes … poorly. The boy takes two swings, misses the ball completely and then goes on a rampage that would rival Godzilla. A missed slap, a bevy of kicks and then an outfielder-esque toss so that he doesn’t have to be in the same vicinity of the golf ball all come in quick succession.

Perhaps a future in shot put is the way to go.