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Today in absurd NFL workouts: Alvin Kamara lifts weights while pulling a JEEP

March 08, 2018

We've seen plenty of crazy NFL workout routines through the years -- J.J. Watt flipping a 1,000-pound(!) tire 30 times(!) comes to mind -- but usually they come from game's literal giants. Not this time.

Alvin Kamara is, at least, relatively, one of the NFL's little guys. although he's still listed at a rock solid 215 pounds despite only measuring 5-foot-10. The lightning quick running back is coming off a season in which he claimed NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors and the Philadelphia Eagles are glad they didn't have to defend him in the NFC Championship Game thanks to an all-time blunder by one of Kamara's teammates the week before. I still can't believe I lost that moneyline. . . Anyway, let's get to his absurd workout. Apparently, lifting normal weights is either boring or too easy for Kamara so instead, he likes lifting entire weight benches. While pulling around a freaking JEEP. Check it out:

Very impressive, Alvin. But you know if you're really looking to mix up your workouts, you could come help me dig out of the snow.