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Masters 2024: A style recap of Tiger's Sun Day Red looks at Augusta National

Updated on April 14, 2024

Andrew Redington

The man has won five Masters so this might seem like it’s old hat, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. For instance, Tiger Woods has … a new hat.

After a pretty good run with Nike, the golf legend has taken his talents to TaylorMade and ultimately Sun Day Red. A huge move in the golf landscape, we finally got to see how Woods’ new apparel would look next to the azaleas, green jackets and phoneless patrons. And you know what? It was a strong start to the fledgling brand.

Instead of you scrambling through various social media apps (scrolling, scrolling, scrolling) trying to pin down just what Tiger is wearing, we took it upon ourselves to find and document his various outfits all in one place. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

Sunday, April 14

After a run of killer Sun Day Red outfits, Tiger finished up his 2024 Masters with some Sun Day Red red. It was a nice sight to see Woods throw on his signature color at Augusta National once again, this time with his son/swing coach in tow. The black hat was on and off, depending on when you caught him and if he was waving his cap to the plethora of admiring fans or not. It's nice to see Charlie rocking the Sun Day Red hat as well.

An improvement from Saturday, the clearly-ailing Woods finished up Sunday at five over. He'll end the major at 16 over, but making the cut and playing four rounds hobbled is still quite an achivement. Until next year! Hopefully, we see more red.

We also now have a good deal of proof that TaylorMade's Sun Day Red polos can withstand a dramatic amount of sweat. That's good to know. It's getting hotter and hotter out, and our golf game is getting worse and worse.

Saturday, April 13

Well ... it wasn't the best day for Tiger at Augusta National. He had his worst front nine ever at the Masters and limped his way to the finish line on Saturday. But at least he looked good? The 15-time major champ went for a white polo, black hat look today. Nice clash with the greenest green grass you ever did see.

Friday, April 12

If you're going to play 23 holes over two rounds on a single day, you're going to need multiple outfits. That's just science. Tiger Woods started the end of his Thursday round on Friday (don't think too hard about it) with the Sun Day Red/Grey light sweater. When you're paired with Jason Day's more insane looks, no need to try to match. You're just not going to. Live your best life instead.

For his second round on Friday, Woods went with the short sleeves and the lightest of purple golf shirts. Perhaps a "heather" or "periwinkle" from TaylorMade? To be fair, we pulled those color names from a Pinterest chart. Whatever the color is, Woods did more than enough to stroll into the weekend; he's one over over the first 36 holes. Now we'll see what he and Sun Day Red have planned...

One more quick thing: Someone out there is about to be absolutely heartbroken when they hear the Tiger-Nike news. At least, they'll find out at Augusta National.

Thursday, April 11

After running through the gamut of black, white and blue outfits, Tiger and Sun Day Red stepped into the rest of the color spectrum with a snazzy light pink, horizontally striped polo. It's a nice start to the week and really pops when compared to the dark colors of the majority of the patrons. White hat, clean pants. Nothing crazy there. But we're (and by we, I mean me speaking in the plural first person if that's even a thing) big fans of the decision to add a bit of color to the outfit. Well done, everyone.

Wednesday, April 10

What do we have here but Tiger's Wednesday look? A dark blue/possibly black polo depending on what time of day it is and how close you are to the ropes. White pants and white shoes (with a brown line) to match the white Sun Day Red hat. The 48-year-old knows that the Wednesday of Masters week is not the day to go crazy. Gotta save the outfits for when it really counts.


Andrew Redington

And what's this? Are these Tiger's new Bridgestone-sponsored golf-ball sunglasses? Ahh, that's just a fun little joke. We kid, we kid. We have fun here.

Apologies for that bit above. It's been a long Masters week and we haven't even hit the weekend yet.

Tuesday, April 9

It's a bit chilly in Augusta, GA., especially with strong winds this week, which means it's the perfect time for a pullover sweater. This Sun Day Red jumper is a calm, cool, collected gray fit with the tiger logo center-stage. It's not going to wow you, but sometimes you just need a comfortable sweater before you take on Augusta National. We're sure all of you out there know what that's like.


Andrew Redington

If your golf shoes are a little dirty, it means one of two things. You're either terrible and hacking it into all sorts of risky terrain or you're just getting your steps in walking from great shot to great shot. This is Tiger Woods we're talking about here, so we'd lean towards the latter option. We're wondering if he'll bring out the red-bottomed kicks later this week, but for now the clean black-and-white sneakers will do just fine. We also have the "SUN DAY RED" name on the pantleg, just in case you forgot.

Monday, April 8

White pullover sweater? Yes, please. Again, we've got the tiger logo perfectly placed in the front-center and the SDR acronym on the back around the uncaged animal. The man can wear a sweater. You've gotta give him that.

Here we have the patented white golf shirt with the SDR surrounding the logo once again. It's odd not seeing a swoosh across his chest, but a tiger leaping across the pecs is a solid new look. White shirt, dark pants. It's clear we haven't hit the actual event yet. This is a nice, little warm-up. Look at that smile. That's a grin that can only come with new clothes.


Warren Little

Well, we know he'll be able to do his on-course stretching without a problem in the new SDR material. Hopefully, we get a chance to see him rocking new TaylorMade looks over the weekend. Perhaps a red shirt on Sunday? Lord willing.

Sunday, April 7


Andrew Redington

You're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, so we're perfectly fine here. Technically, isn't it always after Labor Day? When does the "after Labor Day" time conclude? Anyway, these are questions that we'd like to think TaylorMade and Tiger Woods mulled over for hours while getting this Sun Day Red clothing line together. Comfortability, performance and Labor Day considerations. Anyway, the blue shirts are nice. Not much else to say.