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The best (and most alpha) Tiger Woods "walk-in" looks through the years

December 15, 2023

Much like peanut butter and jelly or an ice cold beer on the beach, Tiger Woods and the Nike swoosh just simply go together. It wouldn't be right to have one without the other. Unfortunately, rumors are swirling that the 15-time major champion and the legendary footwear and apparel brand could be going their separate ways after this week's PNC Championship in Orlando, Fla.

This rumor was first reported on the No Laying Up podcast earlier this month, and the writing has seemingly been on the wall for some time now. In each of last two seasons at the Masters, where players traditionally roll out the latest and greatest apparel and footwear from brands they are partnered with, Woods has been seen wearing Footjoy shoes on his feet, not Nikes. In 2022, Woods referenced his gruesome car wreck in 2021 when explaining why he needed to go in a different direction with his footwear, the theory being that Nike did not have a comfortable enough shoe for Woods to walk 72 holes in. Nike released a statement saying the brand was working with him to meet his needs. A year later, Woods was still in Footjoys.

At the Hero World Challenge a few weeks ago, Woods was again rocking Footjoys, only furthering the speculation. Of course, he's still in full Nike apparel, but that could change very soon. With that in mind, we compiled our favorite, and most alpha, Tiger Woods "walk-in" looks (think NBA on TNT) from over the years. Don't cry because it (might) be over, smile because hundreds of millions of dollars were made it happened.

Tiger arrives for PGA players meeting in Delaware during LIV battle (2022)


Not a Nike logo in sight but we'd be remiss not to include ... well, whatever this outfit was.

Tiger arrives at JP McManus Pro-Am (2022)


Still no Nike, but backwards hat and sunglasses, which has become a Woods staple.

Tiger rolls around in cart with Charlie at the Hero World Challenge (2022)


It appears as though Tiger accidentally grabbed the extra-small lid on this particular day.

Tiger arrives to Friday tee time in a cart at the Hero World Challenge (2019)


A little bit better on the hat front here.

Tiger arrives at Valhalla for the PGA Championship to test ailing back (2014)


Tiger is just like us - he changes his shoes in the parking lot right out of his trunk.

Tiger arrives on Sunday of the PGA Championship (2018)


One of the great internet-breaking images of our time.

Tiger arrives at his Hall of Fame induction (2022)


Rolling down the red carpet like this before you go into the Hall of Fame is true IDGAF, alpha sh*t.

Tiger arrives at the PNC Championship (2023)


Starting to sink in that this could be the final time we see him in the Nike sweater. Getting choked up.

Tiger arrives on Sunday at the Hero World Challenge (2023)


We get it. You lift. Also, frontwards hat?! What kind of chicanery is this.

Tiger arrives on Sunday of the Tour Championship, wins (2018)


Can't ever be topped, will never be topped.