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Tiger Woods suffers brutal bad beat to Russell Westbrook in poker, can't even catch a break at his own event

You'd think at an event called "Tiger Jam" that everything would go Tiger Woods' way. This was not the case on Saturday night for the Masters champion during a game of Texas Hold 'Em against Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook was among the many celebrities in attendance for Tiger's 8th annual Poker Night at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and he found himself in a heated battle with the host on one of the final hands. Both Westbrook and Woods went all in before the dealer even made the flop, with Woods holding a King of clubs and a Ace of spades and Westbrook holding a pair of Queens, one of clubs the other of diamonds. As the dealer finally made the flop, the first card that could be seen was an Ace, causing Wood to celebrate early as he now had a pair of Aces, one of the best hands you can have in Texas Hold 'Em.

But three-of-a-kind will beat that every time, and Westbrook got his third Queen on the next card, daggering Woods in the process. Hate to see it:

Much like match play in golf, those are the VAGARIES of poker. One minute you've got the hand won and the very next card you're dead. Woods still had a chance on the turn and the river, but couldn't get a third ace, giving Westbrook the win. Tough break for T-Dubs. Here are some great photos of Tiger before and after he got his heart ripped out:

Let's hope Tiger is saving all his lucky breaks for Pebble Beach.