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Tiger Woods roasts the guy who placed that $100K bet on him to win the Grand Slam

May 24, 2019
PGA Championship - Preview Day 2

Mike Ehrmann

Outside of Tiger Woods and his inner circle, it's likely that no one was happier about Woods' win at the 2019 Masters than James Adducci. He certainly benefitted financially from the victory more than anyone not named Tiger or Phil Knight.

Adducci, in case you need a refresher, is the Wisconsin man who won $1.2 million—the size of a regular PGA Tour winner's check—thanks to an $85,000 wager on Woods to win at Augusta National in April. And apparently, Woods knew all about it. While conducting a golf clinic on Friday as part of his annual Tiger Jam in Las Vegas, gave Adducci props for having faith in him to end his nearly 11-year drought in major championships.

"Great bet," Woods quickly says in a video shared on Instagram by someone attending the clinic. Only Woods added a word that was a bit more, um, colorful to the front of that phrase. But moments later, he wasn't quite as bullish on Adducci's follow-up bet, a $100,000 wager on Woods to win all four men's majors in 2019. Have a watch and listen (But heads up on a little NSFW language):

"Dumbass for the Grand Slam part, though," Woods says in the clip of the wager with a potential $10 million payment. Burn.

Of course, Woods did not complete the Grand Slam. In fact, he didn't come close, missing the cut at last week's PGA Championship.

At least, Adducci is still up more than $1 million on golf bets this year (Well, as far as we know). And Tiger still has two more cracks in 2019 to add to his major title total. Hmm. Did anyone at Tiger Jam ask him if it's a good idea to bet on him next month at Pebble Beach?