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Ranking the 17 best musical acts to ever perform at "Tiger Jam"

Tiger Woods will be in Las Vegas this weekend, but don't worry, it's for a good cause. The 14-time major champion will be hosting his "Tiger Jam" fundraiser event for the 17th time. That means two things: 1. Awkward photos of Woods wearing bad jeans with, um, interesting dress shirts; 2. A big-name musical act performing at the concert.

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On Thursday, Woods announced Ed Sheeran will take the stage at Mandalay Bay on Saturday night. The British pop/rock star is a big name in music these days, but how does he stack up with some of the other performers through the years? We decided to rank the 17 best acts from the event's 17 years.

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The first thing we noticed is just how many big names Woods has gotten to perform at the fundraiser. All kidding aside, it's an impressive list. In fact, there are so many that Sheeran (not a big enough body of work yet), Seal (had more cachet when married to Heidi Klum), LeAnn Rimes (how did she get invited?), David Cook (How did he get invited?), and Keith Urban (country music) don't even make the top 17. Sorry, Keith. I'm sure you're great, but like Tiger, I'm more into rock. Again, this is just my list so it's not right or wrong. Well, it's mostly right. . . OK, here we go!

17. No Doubt

Gwen Stefani groupies will be furious, no doubt (sorry), but this group never did it for me.

15/16. Tie between John Mellencamp and Don Henley

Aren't these the same guys? Sorry, I'm a millennial.

__ 14. Van Halen__

"Right Now" is a great song, but by the time these guys performed at Tiger Jam they weren't even competitive on the senior tour.

__ 13. One Republic__

We "Apologize" for ranking this versatile group so low. Eh, no we don't.

1__2. Chris Daughtry__

"I'm going home. To the place where I belong." Good stuff, but that's about it. Still, how did this guy lose on "American Idol" to Taylor Hicks?!

__ 11. Christina Aguilera__

What a voice. And at the time of her performance, she was like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry wrapped into one. Look, she even did a wardrobe change! Now that's putting in the extra effort.

__ 10. Goo Goo Dolls__

I'm a sucker for 90s rock and I'm a bigger sucker for "Name."

__ 9. Third Eye Blind__

Again, 90s rock. (Finds "Semi-charmed Life" on iPod. Starts bopping head.)

__ 8. Train__

"Drops of Jupiter" is an all-time classic. Hey, Tiger got them to perform way before he moved to Jupiter, Fla. . . . freaky!

__ 7. Kid Rock__

Not a fan of his music, but he's a big get and a big golfer. Plus, he showed up with Pamela Anderson one year. Props.

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__ 6. Bon Jovi__

Still one of the biggest touring musical acts in the world, these guys have performed multiple times at Tiger's gig. I'm not a huge fan, but I could listen to "Dead or Alive" all day.

__ 5. Sting__

Speaking of songs I could listen to all day, can't you just picture Tiger mellowing out listening to "Fields of Gold" after a particularly stressful week?

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4. John Mayer

It's more believable that Tiger listens to "My Stupid Mouth" on loop as a reminder not to say anything at pressers that will get him in trouble.

3. Prince

I don't get it, but he's Prince. The rules state he has to be high on any list. Dave Chappelle should really do a sketch of Prince dominating everyone at golf.

2. Counting Crows

Perhaps, my favorite band ever also might be the most underrated band ever. 90s rock! Go back and listen to "August and Everything After" and tell me it's not BRILLIANT.

1. Stevie Wonder

Easy choice. The guy has more hit songs than Woods has PGA Tour titles. And check out Tiger wearing sunglasses with him on stage!

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Even more amazing is Wonder performed the same year as Counting Crows and Boyd Tinsley (FIDDLE!) from Dave Matthews Band. I'd like to think Tiger's tremendous 2005 season was inspired by this performance -- even if Adam Duritz dressed like a bum and wore a shirt of Tiger's college rival:

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The biggest surprise? Despite Woods being a huge fan of Nickelback, the group has never performed at a Tiger Jam. Knock my ranking all you want, but I think we can all agree that's a good thing.

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