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Tiger Woods shows up to course rocking his hat backward, Golf Twitter reacts accordingly

August 15, 2019

Tiger Woods sent Golf Twitter into a funk last week when he withdrew from the Northern Trust ahead of his second round. He completely revived his worried fanbase on Thursday, however, with one simple gesture: Turning his hat around.

Woods arrived for his 12:54 ET tee time at Medinah rocking his Nike cap backward, and while this shouldn't be a big deal, it was treated like one. Have a look:

And here are some of the reactions:

A bit much, right? Especially after everyone was saying Woods' season was over less than a week ago. Then again, remember what happened at last year's PGA?

And at the Tour Championship, where he showed up with the backward hat AND in a tank-top?

Yeah, that worked out well. OK, I'm sold. . .

Automatic 59 Watch, right?

Incredibly, Woods went off at 60-to-1 odds to win this week's BMW Championship. Against a 70-man field. At a course where he's won two majors. Um. . . is there still time to get a bet in?