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Tiger Woods reveals his secret to the perfect club twirl

July 11, 2018

The club twirl has become a common sight in professional golf and there are plenty of young masters from Alex Levy to Patrick Reed, who even introduced a one-handed version. But the godfather of this flashy move is Tiger Woods. And on Tuesday, he revealed a secret to the perfect club twirl.

You're probably thinking how is there a secret to club twirling? You just twirl the darn club after a shot! And you're mostly correct. But as Woods shared with Ahmad Rashad (Man, I miss him on NBA Inside Stuff), there's a surprising way to get a little more oomph into those twirls. See for yourself:

The right thumb?! For a left-handed twirl?! Even a surprised Justin Thomas can be overheard in the clip. But that's why Tiger's the twirl GOAT. Although, for some reason, Ahmad calls it "spinning." C'mon, Ahmad, you're better than that. Anyway, here's a look back through the years:

And here's one from earlier this season:

Yep, he's still got it.