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Tiger Woods juuuust missed hole-in-one while playing Memorial pro-am with Peyton Manning

May 29, 2019

Andy Lyons

As a quarterback who used to call "Tiger!" at the line of scrimmage to indicate a snap count of one based on Tiger Woods' No. 1 ranking, Peyton Manning is well aware of Woods' prodigious talents on the golf course. But in case the five-time NFL MVP needed a reminder, he got one in person during Wednesday's pro-am at the Memorial Tournament.

And it didn't take long, either. In a GOLFTV video from the par-3 fourth hole at Muirfield Village, Tiger hit his tee shot and someone can be heard saying "Dead at it." That person was dead on. Check out the video of the swing, and a second video of Woods fixing his ball mark before tapping in his birdie putt from a couple inches away:

Jeez, Tiger. We know you like showing off for your athlete friends, but save some of that for the actual tournament.

Meanwhile, Manning found the greenside bunker. If these two legends have a side bet going on Wednesday, Peyton might be in trouble. . .