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This video of Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm talking golf swing should be the only thing you watch today

Despite the weekly craziness that takes place on Golf Twitter, golf fans are actually a much simpler bunch than you think. Give us golf shots, golf swings, discussion about golf shots and golf swings, and maybe a little behind-the-scenes footage, and you won't find many complaints. Case in point, this video of Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm chatting about the golf swing at the Scottish Open:

That clip is fast-approaching 1 million views in 24 hours. Of course, it certainly helps that it is the GOAT and a former World No. 1, but it still goes to show just how simple our brains actually are. Just two guys talkin' golf is all we're asking for, provided the two guys are insanely good at it. 

"Do you still, on your Trackman stuff, do you still hit up on the face?" Woods asks. "Oh yeah," says Rahm at the beginning of the clip. "If you think about it, when you turn your chest it's going to go up," Rahm adds. "So, when I'm swinging my best, I'm somewhere between one-and-a-half and three, and the ones I try to hit high I'm at four." 

We're not positive what numbers Rahm is referring to, but it feels like a safe assumption that it's the angle of his clubface at impact since that seems to be what they are discussing. Part of what makes these clips so good is trying to figure out what it is they are discussing, though. 

What makes this. particularly great, however, is the fact that Rahm made reference to Woods' reluctance to share advice with him back at the Masters in April. It should be noted that Rahm was more speaking to advice about how to play Augusta National, which Woods apparently only doles out to his best bud Justin Thomas:

Based off the clip from the Scottish Open on Tuesday, Rahm is finally breaking down the Tiger Woods wall, or at least slowly chipping away at it. As if the Spaniard wasn't good enough already, he's now getting long-awaited tips from a 15-time major champion. Watch out, JT.