Hang it in the Louvre

Artist completes incredible portrait of Tiger Woods made out of 25,000 golf tees

November 15, 2023

Let’s be honest: The world doesn’t need another portrait of Tiger Woods—another painting of the Big Cat fist pumping in his signature Sunday red. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. As a culture, we can probably move on.

BUT HOLD THE PHONE. The latest creation from Kansas City-based artist Aaron Norris isn’t any old painting or picture (or painting of a picture). Sure, it’s the same Tiger we've seen a million times, staring down a putt like a juicy antelope, but you’ll quickly notice something is different. It wasn’t crafted with a brush or ink, but 25,000 colored golf tees. Yes. Golf tees.

Norris has been working on this one-of-kind piece for over six weeks. On September 30th he posted a photo of an empty frame on Instagram with the caption “I may or may not be about to do something really stupid.” Since then, he has painstakingly placed tee after never-ending tee into the mural, documenting the entire process as he went.

Was it worth the blood, sweat and calloused finger tips? Only Norris can say, but he sold the piece almost immediately, so we’re guessing the answer is yes. As for us, remember when we said the world didn’t need another Tiger Woods portrait? We take all that back.