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Don’t try this at home: Golfer takes mushrooms and subsequently shoots best round of his life

November 08, 2023
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There are so many ways to improve your golf game. You could just stop playing, which is probably the healthiest solution. Alternatively, you could try to get better through hard work and a pragmatic fitness regimen.

Or you could just take drugs.

A r/golf Reddit post from Neverendingmuthrfuk—is that your Christian name?—had to tell his online brethren the benefits of playing on psychedelics with an appropriately titled post: “Played golf on mushrooms and had the best round of my life.”

“I’ve always been a bit of a psychonaut and I love to play golf so naturally I wanted to try them together," our modern-day prophet wrote. "I’ve done it a total of three times now, ate .4 and played last week with no obvious effect. Upped the dose to .8 and played again the other day it it didn’t really count since it was low 40s* with 20 MPH winds.

“I tried again yesterday, perfect weather and I ate 1g, ended up shooting a 78 with three birdies. One of the birdies was a 90’ putt, which is the longest putt I’ve ever made. It was a great day. Nothing psychedelic happened but I was really feeling myself out there. As a 12ish handicap my previous best score was an 85. The only thing I really learned yesterday is I’m ok at golf but I’m really good at eating mushrooms. Has anyone else had a similar experience?”

Now, this may seem outlandish, but we here at Golf Digest have been looking into the psychedelic side of golf. Just recently, our very own Christopher Powers broke down “Why serious players are dosing psychedelics like mushrooms and ayahuasca” and came to the conclusion that this movement has some serious science behind it. One former PGA Tour winner even said “Psilocybin allows me to get a deep breath on the course that I haven’t been able to get in years.”

The comments back up the original poster as quite a few seem to be dosing and dicing. “Have had great rounds when microdosing," a Redditor stated. "Vision seems a little heightened overall and have read the greens better for sure.” “Find the right dose and you become synchronized with nature and the golf course. Felt very at peace with nature and could hear each leaf in the wind,” said another.

One made sure to add this critical point: “Can confirm heightened vision. The color green is particularly affected for me. Also way less anxious. Much higher probability of leaving a wedge on the green though.”