This tour pro has the funniest swing ever -- and he's about to qualify for the British Open

June 23, 2018

You never know what you'll find when you check Golf Twitter in the middle of the night. Still half asleep while feeding the baby, I suddenly felt a jolt of electricity created by the buzz over a South Korean tour pro. A South Korean tour pro who has the craziest/funniest swing you've ever seen in tournament golf. And one who has a chance to qualify for next month's British Open.

Watch Hosung Choi's golf swing for yourself. And try to keep from LOLing. It's impossible.

Oh, but it's very real. Choi's action has been dubbed "The Fisherman Swing." And he's in serious contention at this week's Korean Open, where he's tied through second after three rounds.

Apparently, he goes to this Happy Gilmore-esque finish when he really needs to draw the ball. Although, it sounds like a tip Club Pro Guy would give. Anyway, here are a few more looks at this guy:

I particularly like that last clip when the announcer goes, "That is … extraordinary." Yes. Yes it is.

Not surprisingly, Choi is a showman on the greens as well.

And here's proof that Choi's swing works. Watch him stuff a wedge close and draw an "incredible" from the announcer:

He drew plenty of praise from fellow pros, commentators, and fans as well:

So will we, Ryan. Then again, we're already disappointed that we're just learning of this legend. Choi, who has won three times as a pro, highlighted by a Japan Tour title in 2013, is 44. Where has he been my whole life?!

But he could find a way into a lot more golf fans' lives—and hearts—next month. If Choi finishes in the top two (he led by four through 36 holes after Monday qualifying!), he'll earn a spot in the British Open at Carnoustie. Please, golf gods, let this happen.

OK, back to bed, although, I doubt I'll get any more sleep. I'm all hopped up on Hosung Choi.

UPDATE: Sadly, Hosung Choi shot a final-round 74 to fall to T-5. It's a nice finish for him, but it wasn't enough to earn a spot in this year's British Open. But he still gave fans a couple memorable moments in Sunday's round with this reaction/celebration to a made putt:

And this confused fore call:

Let's hope we see a lot more of this guy going forward.