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This Tiger Woods video of him watching his doubters isn't real, but it's still awesome

September 24, 2018

Tiger Woods' Tour Championship triumph sent the golf world into a tizzy on Sunday. It also produced perhaps the biggest batch of sports prediction mea culpas in history.

Not surprisingly, just about everyone who watches golf thought we'd seen the last of Woods winning at some point during the past five years in which the 14-time major champ struggled through a variety of injuries and controversies. Heck, Woods himself told fellow green jacket winners he was "done" at the 2017 Masters Champions Dinner. But his improbable comeback allowed some of these hot frozen takes to come back to light. Golf Digest's Claire Rogers even shared this list of now-dumb-looking tweets through the years she'd saved for the perfect moment:

But one Tiger Woods video of him watching his doubters diss him went viral. Only he wasn't actually watching his doubters diss him.

If you follow Skratch TV, which was launched by the PGA Tour in 2015, you know they cover the lighter side of golf, creating memes and humorous videos. But many people thought the following video was real. To be clear, all the clips are obviously real, but the context is a lot different. In fact, the Tiger footage actually comes from a cool video the PGA Tour made last year of Woods watching his fellow PGA Tour pros show appreciation for his incredible career victory total. In any event, have a look:

Real or not, that's still pretty cool. And golf fans everywhere have never been happier to be wrong.