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This ricochet club-flip trick shot is poetry in motion

February 06, 2018

Joshua Kelley—AKA @holein1trickshots—is a Van Gogh-ian trick shot savant; an eccentric once-in-a-generation artiste who paints with a driver and an iPhone and instead of a brush and a canvas. The beautiful mind behind wizardry like this...

and this...

...Kelley has blown our minds time and time again, but his latest masterpiece may be his best yet. Look upon it and weep, ye humble golf pilgrims:

A cross between The Matrix and The Masters, this ricochet-club-flip hybrid—executed in a single seamless motion—would end with most golfers getting a grip to ol' eye socket, but Kelley manages to make it look effortless, as if this is how he drives it every time he steps to the tee box with the Saturday starting queue watching on. So pour yourself a nice robust red, throw on some Wagner, and add a little culture to your evening, becuase in the weird, wide world of trick shots, this is as close to a work of art as you get.