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This Phil Mickelson stinger is so good even Tiger Woods would be impressed

July 13, 2018

Tiger Woods has long been credited as master of the "stinger," but a low, piercing tee ball is part of any tour pro's arsenal. So it should be no surprise that Phil Mickelson, a golfer who thrives on pulling off a wide variety of shots both forward and backward, has a pretty good one himself. And he showcased it during Friday's second round at the Scottish Open.

On the 471-yard 10th hole at Gullane Golf Club, Mickelson smoked an iron that barely got off the ground before running -- and running some more -- down the course's baked fairway. Check out the shot that prompted NBC/Golf Channel's David Feherty to crack, "That's what we used to call a gnome molester."

Or we could just call it a stinger. In any event, we're guessing even Tiger would be impressed.

And speaking of the 14-time major champ, this is totally Phil taunting Tiger into that potential $10 million match, right? Yes, this type of shot is perfect for links golf, but the timing of Mickelson (who missed the cut, by the way) showing it off is interesting. Maybe instead of worrying about having an undercard, these two should just have a skills competition.