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This "One Shining Moment" video of the Lakers disastrous season is perfect

March 22, 2019

We've officially entered March Madness, which means the countdown to that glorious final highlight compilation set to "One Shining Moment" is underway. It's a perfect capper to the season—except for that one year they switched in that Jennifer Hudson version that featured the singer as much as the players—unless, of course, Duke just cut down the nets. And now, the sweet tones of Luther Vandross have been used to wrap up the Los Angeles Lakers' decidedly NOT glorious campaign.

With the arrival of LeBron James, the Lakers were expected to be gearing up for a playoff run at this time. Instead, they are shutting players down, signing G-Leaguers, and preparing to enter the NBA Draft Lottery (I swear, if they get the 1st pick instead of the Knicks, I'm done watching basketball). In short, the season has been an utter disaster. But even the most diehard purple-and-gold followers will have to chuckle at this:

There are just so many memorable highlights lowlights! From Michael Beasley trying to check into a game wearing the wrong shorts, to LeBron's numerous lackadaisical mishaps, to basically anytime Lonzo Ball attempts an outside shot or Lance Stephenson does anything, it's an incredible collection of pathetic moments. Good luck to the CBS production people, because topping this with the real thing in a few weeks is going to be tough.