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This little Dodgers fan wants to help heal Justin Turner's boo boo

Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner is out indefinitely after breaking his wrist on a HBP during Monday night's Spring Training game debacle. If you're a Dodgers fan, this is very definitely not a great way to start the season. Turner, who batted .322 with 21 homers and 71 RBIs last year, is arguably the Dodgers' most consistent offensive weapon—a fact not lost on this little guy, who, upon hearing that Turner would be out likely until May, offered his help to the LA medical staff:

So yeah, a perfect 10 on the cute scale, and kudos to Turner for offering tickets to the family. You gotta start' em young and Turner obviously recognizes a Dodgers die-hard in the making. That said, the actual medical merits of kissing a boo-boo remain somewhat less promising. If we were Turner, we'd start with an ice pack and a splint, but who knows, maybe a juice box and a Winnie the Pooh Band-Aid are just what the Dodgers need to finally get over the hump.