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This is it, this is the most devious way to sneak booze onto a golf course

July 01, 2024

For many weekend hackers, bringing booze to the golf course is just as important as bringing their clubs. The problem, of course, is that most golf courses aren't BYOB. When you find one that is, though, that's a real gem.

Anyway, this situation leads to golfers turning into smugglers in order to have a little extra swing oil for their rounds. And there are plenty of different ways to go about this. Heck, Fireball just released a special golf club with mini bottles strapped to it that slides into your bag to look like a normal 5-iron.

Pretty devious, right? Well, that has nothing on what we're about to show you.

Have a look at this guy, who hides a container of alcohol inside an ankle monitor. Yep, an ankle monitor.

Not that we're condoning such trickery, but a tip of the cap to that real man of genius. Because it doesn't get any sneakier than that. Have a day, dude. Have a day.

Of course, you probably couldn't—or wouldn't want to—pull this off at your home course unless you want everyone there to think you're a hardened criminal. Or maybe you do want that so certain people will leave you alone.

And you might need to come with a prepared backstory of why you're wearing an ankle monitor. But hey, after Scottie Scheffler got arrested for pulling into a golf course parking lot, any story would seem believable.