Well Played

Buzzed golfer who Monday qualified for first PGA Tour event has hilarious reaction after piping opening tee shot

June 27, 2024

Nick Bienz went viral on Monday for pounding a few beers before earning his first PGA Tour start. On Thursday, he pounded his opening tee shot at Detroit Golf Club—then provided a perfect reaction.

As documented by Ryan French, AKA Monday Q Info on Twitter, Bienz shot 65 in a Rocket Mortgage Classic Monday qualifier. So nervous as he waited for all the scores to come in, Bienz downed three beers—and then was told he'd be in a five-for-four playoff.

But the liquid courage served him well as the 27-year-old Golf Galaxy employee made it through. And he looked pretty darn calm and collected as he teed off in Thursday's first round, piping one 288 yards down the middle. But as he walked off the tee box, he looked to the sky, gave a big sigh of relief and grabbed clutched his heart. Have a look:

Well played, Nick. Even better? He birdied his second hole of the day, the par-3 11th, to move to red figures. Maybe this PGA Tour stuff isn't so hard, eh?

OK, so then Bienz bogeyed his next two holes and wound up shooting one over on his front nine. Still, not too shabby for his debut.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, golfers aren't allowed to buy beers at the turn during PGA Tour events. Too bad for Nick.