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This incredible Anthony Davis photo perfectly sums up his freakish wingspan

November 29, 2018

Anthony Davis is an absolute terror on the basketball court, and NBA fans have long known that even with The Brow semi-buried in New Orleans — at least, until he takes his talents to L.A. to join forces with LeBron. The 25-year-old superstar possesses point guard skills within a center's body (thanks in large part to a crazy growth spurt during high school), but his dominance, particularly on the defensive end, comes down to one word. (HINT: It's Jay Bilas' favorite word.) That's right, LENGTH.

The 6-foot-10 Davis has a freakish 7-foot-6(!) wingspan, which has led to him leading the league in blocked shots three times already in his young career. And this year, he's also averaging a career-high 1.6 steals to go with 2.7 blocks. Again, he's a terror, and on Wednesday night, a photo showing just how much of a hulking beast he is went viral. Check it out:

Dude has arms for days. Holy LENGTH! Has anyone showed this to Jay Bilas yet? Just make sure he's sitting down when you do.

Of course, he won't be sitting down like Anthony Davis. The guy looks like he could grab both sides of a dining room table at the same time. Amazing.