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Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone has perfect response to chirping Lakers, Warriors, and Celtics fans

November 28, 2018

The Denver Nuggets have been one of the pleasant surprises of the young NBA season thanks to an all-time great passing big man in Nikola Jokic, the ever-underrated Paul Millsap, and the emergence of point guard Jamal Murray. It was Murray who sparked a beef with the Boston's Kyrie Irving after he took a late shot in an attempt to score 50 points during Denver's win over the Celtics last month, but last night, Nuggets coach Michael Malone showed he's not afraid to instigate a little as well.

After the team's latest victory, a 32-point blowout of the Los Angeles Lakers, Malone was asked about fans of some of the league's most popular franchises leaving the Pepsi Center disappointed. Here was his perfect response:

"Take that L on the way out." Woo!

Good for Malone. Sure, the NBA season is only a quarter over, but having a 14-7 record during any stretch while playing in the rugged Western Conference is impressive. And the Nuggets have already beaten two of the three pre-season NBA title favorites (Warriors and Celtics).

Keep doling out those "L"s, coach. And keep the juicy sound bytes coming as well.