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'Jeopardy!' skewers poor, sad, hapless, helpless Detroit Lions

November 27, 2018
New York Jets v Detroit Lions

Joe Robbins

It's been a long month year decade existence for the Detroit Lions. The picture of NFL incompetence for many years until the Browns eventually descended to the throne, the Lions play their Super Bowl on Thanksgiving every season, which is convenient, because they've never in their 85 year slog made the actual one. But don't worry, Detroit. In case you somehow forgot—in case you're still nursing off that tryptophan and Busch hangover—Jeopardy! provided a helpful reminder on Monday night. Take it away, Trebek:

Now we're happy to see this guy nail the question with little hesitation. It's definitely overseeded as a $1,000 Q, but as we've seen in the past, sports are not exactly Jeopardy! contestant's bread and butter. Lions fans, meanwhile, are probably wishing they just waited for Wheel. Knowing their luck, though, Pat Sajak will be looking for a 10-letter person with two Ms.

Has to be "Matt Millen," doesn't it?