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This high school team eats actual pancakes when they make pancake blocks. The turnover chain has never been more dead

Miami's football program might stink to the high heavens again, but at least they gave us the turnover chain in 2017, the year they started 10-0, reached No. 2 in the AP Top 25 and had everybody thinking "The U" was "back." They most certainly were not back, as we've come to find out these last two seasons.

Despite posting a record of 9-12 since that 10-0 start in '17, the turnover chain has lived on. It's also spawned an endless amount of copycat props at every level of football, each team trying to come up with their own version of the turnover chain. Some, like the turnover cane, are better than others. Most, like Maryland's throne of towels, should never see the light of day.

You might as well cancel them all now, because no prop will ever top the one a high school football team in Illinois came up with for the 2019 season. Allow us to introduce you to the offensive line of Mt. Zion High School, a line that stuffs its face with pancakes on the sideline when they, you guessed it, make pancake blocks on the field. The turnover chain has never been more dead:

This is how you do a sideline prop ladies and gentlemen. Nothing will get a group of big fellas to run train on the other team like carbohydrates. Whoever came up with this is a visionary.

How about No. 63 trying to stuff one into his facemask, failing to do so, then throwing it into the student section? Yummy!

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 12.45.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 12.46.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 12.46.33 PM.png

Pancakes for everyone, including the one that was just in my mouth!

On the same night this story hit the news, the pancake boys showed up for a little segment:

No wonder this team is 6-0. They've got a bunch of hog-mollies crushing opposing defensive lines like a plate of short stacks. Seriously, every other team shouldn't even bother coming up with a sideline prop after seeing this. You simply cannot come up with something better than pancakes for pancakes.