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Morehead State football's "turnover cane" is the FCS version of the "turnover chain"

August 30, 2019

You remember the turnover chain, right? The signature of the University of Miami's surprise 2017 squad, the turnover chain was a piece of probably plastic bling that the Hurricanes would don after every, you guessed it, turnover. With the 'Canes opportunistic defense clicking, by midseason the turnover chain was everywhere you looked—from Instagram to, um, Twitter to, uh, Snapchat too.

The turnover chain still lives, albeit on a Hurricanes team going through a rebuild under first-year head coach Manny Diaz this season. We don't know yet know if The U will be able to sate our thirst for glitzy golden men's accessories (some of our staff is from Jersey, after all), but thankfully the Morehead State Eagles are helping to bear the burden this season with the unveiling of their very own turnover cane on Thursday night.

Cosmo, would you do the honors?


OK, so the turnover cane is clearly the FCS knockoff of its shinier FBS sibling, but that's what it makes it so great. It's a marching baton spray painted blue. It's maybe definitely a little tone deaf. That eagle handle might actually be taped on. We can't tell. But that rag-tag DIY spirit is exactly why FCS college football is the best thing you aren't watching on a weekly basis no matter many people keep telling you it's Succession.

Oh, and more good news for all you celebration junkies out there. The Eagles crushed Union 44-7 on Thursday night, tallying up three interceptions along the way, so something tells us we'll be seeing a lot more of the turnover cane as the season rolls on.