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This high school football ref might be faster than Usain Bolt

September 06, 2017

OK, so comparing this high school football ref to Usain Bolt is juuuust a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, this dude has some serious speed. Check it out as he spots a running back about a 10-yard lead and then still appears to track him down by the time they reach the end zone:

And here it is again from @SportsRecruits, this time set to the Rocky theme song:

Amazing. And as indicated by that tweet, this isn't the first time the ref/legend, identified as Steve Pollard, has showed off his wheels. Here's a video that D1 Bound did with him two years ago after a video of the 50-plus man out-running a star high school quarterback went viral:

"All I like to do is live up to the reputation that precedes me. And I was wondering what my speed would be like, and I found out it's still there," Pollard says in the video. "Trust me, if there's a ref that wants to put it down, I'm up for the challenge."

Unless Usain Bolt becomes a high school football ref in retirement, our money is on Steve.