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This gloriously disrespectful Auburn three-pointer is gonna be a hit with the no-fun crowd

November 19, 2019

The internet loves broken ankles. Chicks dig the long ball. No one cares about Colgate basketball. You've heard all the cliches before, and they're cliches mostly because they're true. So on paper there's nothing not to love about the dirtiness that Auburn's Samir Doughty did to the little old Raiders last night, but the more we watch—and we mean really watch—the more this absolutely incredible three-pointer begins to feel, well, just plain mean. Ladies and gentleman, behold the most disrespectful tre of the year maybe ever.

Now, we know what you're thinking. You're thinking about James Harden and this doozy from 2018. And granted, it's still pretty darn good.

But that is 1/5th of the disrespect Doughty dished out to Colgate last night. Harden breaks Wesley Johnson's spirit and then drains a three over his corpse, pausing for dramatic effect. But Doughty puts his defender on Apolo Ohno's skates, sending him skittering OUT OF THE DAMN FRAME . . .

/content/dam/images/golfdigest/fullset/2019/11/19/5dd41ae14ed6ec0008207bfe_Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 11.33.48 AM.png

. . . then, taking a page of out of Steph's casual dagger handbook, turns and runs seven feet backward beyond the three-point arc . . .

/content/dam/images/golfdigest/fullset/2019/11/19/5dd41b7a9217ca00089ee2f4_Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 11.42.20 AM.png

. . . and finally drops the cherry on top, turning his back from the basket and raising his arms to the heavens in celebration before the shot swishes into the basket like an Olympic high diver into the glassy surface of a pool.

/content/dam/images/golfdigest/fullset/2019/11/19/5dd41c41d794a60009f42f4e_Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 11.44.28 AM.png

Short of showing of texting the poor Colgate kid's girlfriend, there is almost nothing else Doughty could have done to make this moment anymore humiliating. We're sure the no-fun crew will hate it. Honestly, we might kind of, sort of hate it too. But love, hate, or somewhere in between, we know one thing: We. Can't. Stop. Watching.