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This clip of LeBron James and Kevin Durant playing a pickup game will have you yearning for the start of the NBA season

August 15, 2017

Yeah, yeah, we know what you're thinking. We're just a few weeks from the NFL season officially kicking off, and you're ready for some football. But while basketball is still on summer's back burner, it's hard not to see this clip of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Carmelo Anthony playing a pickup game and not yearn for the return of the NBA.

On Tuesday, a video of the three superstars looking like they're in mid-season form in mid-August went viral. And if you like seeing difficult jump shots made, slick passes, and dunks, you should probably check it out:

The video from Life Time Athletic at Sky Court in New York City was posted by NBA trainer Chris Brickley. And the other guys on the court weren't exactly scrubs. Brickley also identifies NBA players J.R. Smith, Enes Kanter, Lance Thomas, Dahntay Jones and Marshall Plumlee as participants.

But there's more! Brickley, God bless him, provided another clip of the scrimmage in which James and Durant were on opposing teams like they were in this past year's NBA Finals:

Just last week, LeBron tweeted about how much he missed playing basketball:

And he backed up those words, apparently making a special trip to New York just to play:

The good news is both James and Durant will play on NBA opening night (Oct. 17) when LeBron's Cavs take on the Celtics and KD's Warriors face the new-look Rockets with Chris Paul. The bad news is those match-ups are still two months away. So in the meantime, please keep the pickup game footage coming!