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This Bernhard Langer Masters stat will absolutely blow your mind

January 18, 2024

Augusta National

Bernhard Langer announced on Wednesday that he'll be making his final Masters start this April, a full 42(!) years after he made his debut in the tournament. That spans seven different U.S. Presidents and countless technological breakthroughs. Imagine telling Bernhard when he slipped his first of two green jackets on in 1985 that someday he'd be able to post something called a selfie to something called the Internet from something called a smartphone? Well, not at Augusta, but you get the point.

There are plenty of mind-numbing numbers surrounding this guy, both at the Masters and beyond. From his 40 starts and 19 consecutive made cuts at Augusta National to his record-breaking 46 wins on the PGA Tour Champions. But perhaps nothing puts his longevity in perspective like this stat from Twenty First Group's Justin Ray:

That's right. Langer has competed in the same field at a Masters as 57.6 percent of players in Masters history. In other words, he's overlapped with more than half of the all-time participants in a tournament that goes all the way back to 1934. Remarkable.

You may have seen a similar stat about LeBron James' longevity in the NBA making the rounds, one that Ray said was the inspiration for him to unearth the Langer gem:

Obviously, that's amazing as well. But while LeBron has four NBA championship rings, it's Langer that has two green jackets and an annual invite to Augusta National for the Masters Champions Dinner long after he stops competing. Advantage Bernhard, in our book.