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Former Masters champ makes ridiculous hole-in-one in 35-mph winds

January 18, 2024

Chris Condon

Mike Weir may just never leave Hawaii at this point. The former Masters champ recently married Bachelor alum Michelle Money in The Aloha State and now hit his first ace as a betrothed man at Hualalai Golf Course. Mahalo nui loa (that means "thank you very much").

While playing in the pro-am at the Mitsubishi Electric Championship, Weir struck a perfect tee shot on the par-3 17th hole and then watched as the whipping wind pushed his ball right into the cup. The entire thing was captured on video, but we recommend turning your volume down a bit if you like being able to hear. Just a quick heads-up.

“Well, yesterday on the 17th hole, it was really fun,” Weir said. “It was obviously an extremely difficult day. 30+ MPH winds and you know, I got on the tee, I said to Danny, my caddie, ‘If I can just cover the bunker on the left and get it somewhere in the middle of the green, it’d be a good shot.’

“So, I just sent a wedge out there way to the left, 30 yards left of the pin, and it just kept coming in. I thought, ‘Well, it looks pretty good.’ And when it landed, you know, it looked like it was obviously going to be a close shot but never expect it to be a hole-in-one. It was really cool.”

It was a pitching wedge from 157 yards that did it for Weir, but you have to credit Mother Nature just as much as the shot itself.