These Trailblazers fans have absolutely no idea how Tic Tac Toe works

February 09, 2018

Halftime at a professional sports game is a perfect opportunity to make a fool out of yourself. Whether you're getting smoked by The Freeze or having your ankles obliterated by Hot Sauce, there's nothing like getting your soul pulled out of your chest in front of an arena full of strangers, and these hapless Trailblazers fans discovered last night during a calamitous game of mid-court Tic Tac Toe on Thursday night. Things get off to an ominous start, with the first contestant failing to make SIX CONSECUTIVE LAYUPS, and it only goes downhill from there...

In the next 30 seconds, it becomes immediately evident that the two contestant have never even heard of Tic Tac Toe before, let alone played it. First circle gets two across, and X declines to block. Then X wins the next move by making a layup and places their piece ON TOP OF A CIRCLE. After being reminded that that's not even remotely how the game works, X then changes their move, STILL NEGLECTING TO BLOCK CIRCLE'S WINNING MOVE. But wait, it gets worse. Circle then decides not to take said winning move that's been sitting on the board for a Bronze Age and instead blocks X's winning move instead. X then puts down its next move over circle AGAIN, and well, god help us, we can't watch anymore.

Needless to say, this was an unmitigated dumpster fire from the start, but three little things before we move on and try to forget this ever happened: