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There's a Georgia fan driving around ATL playing the SEC Championship on a TV strapped to his Hummer

December 06, 2017

If you thought the pajama guy standing in the driveway shouting at his Auburn neighbor from a PA system at 8 am on Sunday morning was the biggest Georgia fan on earth, then we raise you this Boss Dawg, who strapped a flatscreen TV to the back of his Hummer and has spent the four days since the SEC Championship driving around Atlanta blasting the game into the eye sockets of every commuter in the downtown area.

How is this legal? Is it hooked up to an actual cable box? Has there been a Tigers-related road rage incident yet? If so, did he "whip the dog crap" out of them? Needless to say, we have more questions than answers at this point, but for now let's all just sit back and marvel at the triumphant, glorious stupidity of fandom. Long may it reign.