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The Web.com Tour extended a special invitation to the Club Pro Guy for its Kansas City event, making his followers incredibly happy

One-handed rakes, punch-out club twirls and Mexican drug cartel run-ins appear like they're coming to the Web.com Tour's Kansas City event in a few weeks. The tour announced on Wednesday that they have extended a special exemption into next week's KC Golf Classic's Monday qualifier to the Club Pro Guy, one of the best follows in golf social media.

Any golfer on social media likely follows the Club Pro Guy, a hilarious parody account run anonymously but has accumulated 60,000 followers for his dead-on humor about all things golf. The former Mexican mini-tour star has appeared on the Golf Channel a handful of times, in the pages of Golf Digest and on podcasts like No Laying Up and the Tour Junkies. But every time, he's managed to keep his identity unknown—with the Golf Channel blurring out his face. If Club Pro Guy does, in fact, take up the Web.com Tour on this offer, he'll be showing his face in public. And we're sure folks will share it on social media, knowing the fascination there is among CPG's fan base.

Here's the announcement from Club Pro Guy ... hilariously said to be sent via fax. That's how CPG rolls:

Really well done by the Web.com Tour, which has shown its ability to be creative in offering exemptions in the past couple years. NBA star Steph Curry's exemption turned out well, and country-music singer Jake Owen also got an exemption in 2018, which did not turn out so well. Of course, Club Pro Guy's invite isn't an exemption into the actual tournament, just into the Monday qualifier.

We have a ton of questions we want answered: Will Ernesto be on the bag? How about Darrel Bevins? Will all Monday qualifier attendees receive a sleeve of Strata golf balls? And maybe most importantly, will Ram golf clubs be used on tour for the first time since Tom Watson's day? We are talking about Kansas City golf legends ... and as the Web.com Tour aptly points out, there's no one bigger than Club Pro Guy (well, maybe Tom Watson). Leading the Mexican mini tours on strokes gained/punching-out-sideways? The Web.com Tour is in for a treat.

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